Friday, March 7, 2008



We love leaders!!!!! since the major news now are all about voting for leaders.... so leaders should play FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Promotion starts 8th of March

When you bring a team of 10 or above players,
The team leader gets to play FREE!!!!!!

Same things goes to 20 or above players,
Team leader and co-team leader play FREE as well !!!!!!


Terms and conditions applies


Vote for the leader of your choice and if the leader wins the vote he/she will win
a full Box of 2000 paintballs rounds worth RM400!!!!!!!!!
Plus a brand new Personal V-force Face mask!!!!

Voters stands a chance to win one of the prizes below:

-500 Paintballs
-200 Paintballs
-100 Paintballs

How to join?

All the leaders/co-leader who bring more than 10+/20+ players from 8th March to 25th May can play for free(above promotion) and join Vote The Leader contest.
We will take a picture of the leader/co-leader, and the leader's name,email address and slogan . and post it here on
If The same Leader leads the team and play for the second time(different day), He will have the choice to add the number of players who are playing into valid votes(valid for voter's prize) by the organizer, or to appoint another teammate to join the contest.
The Leader with the most valid comments wins.

All voters have to vote by leaving comments for the Leader of your choice. 1 vote per person, no multiple voting for more leaders.
Everybody can vote. Votes are only valid with a name(as per IC), slogan to support your leader(must be different from the others, same slogan will consider invalid.), and valid email address.

Alex Lee Mun Lun:_You're The Best_

An email will be sent to you for verification purposes. Only verified votes is consider valid.

Winner and winning voters will be noticed by email and sms after 25th May.
The winning Leader picks a date, and all the winning voters must attend the lucky draw with valid IC for the voter's prize.

Good Luck and Happy Polling Day

For Booking or info, Please contact 0168537620 Archie

*-Borneo Paintball Pasir Pandak has the rights to disqualified any leader and voters who is likely to cheats
- the right to exchange prizes to a similar valued item.
- the right to extend the date of contest and promotion
- the right to change the rules and regulations of the promotion and contest without prior notice.
- all information will be used only for promotional purposes.

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