Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Location and Prices

This is a very simple location map. The signage is not up yet. Turn Left into Jalan Pasir Pandak before the Santubong Bridge. And follow the Sg. Buah sign. The field is just 100m after you turn into Sg, Buah.
If you still can't find the place, please contact me at 0168537620 Archie.


RM50 only per person
min. 4 players

Face Mask Rental
Neck Protector
Body Protector (Vest)
Private Group Field
Semi Automatic Marker
FREE!!!! 100 Pallets

Booking is required. Time of play is 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.
Each booking is for 2 hours.

Additional Pallets are sold separately at:
a box of 2000 pallets RM400 non-members
a box of 2000 pallets RM360 members

For more information on promotions and discounts for cooperate rate, team buildings, please contact Archie 0168537620

Book now!!!!!!!
0168537620 Archie


Mohd. Nizam said...

hahaha good one! good story line too.... good game guys!

mirachee said...

Thanks for supporting bro... ya the best!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi there, im a student of Politeknik Kuching. I found out bout u lot from a postcard size add (at Tun Jugah) & also from ME mag.

Our department wanna do a paintball tournament, but affraid no one wanna join coz of the high cost & kinda far. We still surveying, there's 1 more place near kuching right?

nuff bout the that, here's some question...
1. No discount or special price eh? hehe...the extra pellet quite expensive :P
2. no special shirt for players?(under the vest).or its for rental?
3. erm, this mayb a little extreme favor...could you come to poli & do the tournament at our feild?

#3 has been done b4 by other department, we dont know if its u guys that come that day.

and if you do come, its kinda a promo thing for your establishment aint it? hehe :P

please & TQ

Anonymous said...

ermm still no reply...
THANKS! coz now i knw hw bad ur place is

SORRY but thats just how it is

Anonymous said...

hey poli student.... just datang to the place la...u can call MR archie directly... the price cheaper already...