Sunday, March 2, 2008

Paintball @ Pasir Pandak

Hi paintballers and scenario lovers...
Our paintball field i snow fully operational and we have improved ourselves to serve you better.
There are some upgrades of facilities which you can see below.

Extended netting. Safer to play and safer to watch.
Staging area, where you leave your markers before leaving the games.
No worries about your friend talks while the marker points here and there. :)

Functional toilet. no more muddy floor before entering.
Shower is functional too.
New 1.5 acre field with staging. For more than 20 players or team building teams.

Both staging area are walled with nettings. Safer and smoking is allowed at staging area, not in the field.
The old briefing and resting area is now used as marshals and technical post.
you may also hang out there if you wan but you are not allowed to enter the building.
Widened road, no more hard corners... upgraded road, vehicle below BTM 3000 may enter.

Extended Car park... so that you dun have to move your car when somebody wants to go out.
New resting and briefing area... equipped with bench and table. littering is prohibited at resting area.

All staging area is equipped with pull doors for better safety for those watching.

Some upgrades are not in the pictures, like all marshals and technical person are equipped with walkie talkie, for faster and more efficiently serve you and your teams

These upgrade cost us... we do this just for you and your team and the passion of paintball... so that you can play comfortably, safely, have fun, and enjoy the weekend and with stories to tell for the weeks, months and even years to come.

Thanks for supporting.
for more info. Archie 0168537620 is the number to call.

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