Saturday, August 9, 2008

Commercial Video (AD)

Mandarin version

English version

This is our latest commercial video. paintballers, please leave a comment after viewing. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

nice one ahcee..congratz kuching pb field, from deadpgx

mirachee said...

Cheers and thanks bro

katztales said...


I'm writing a short piece about paintball for my web watch column for Tech n U in the NST.

Could you give me a short quote? Either send me your number or email me at ellenwhyte AT and I'll send you the questions.

If you agree, the interview will take about 2 minutes (I've limited space)

My deadline is Wed noon.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Nice vid guys. One can really feel the atmosphere. But one thing.. Face mask on!! hahahaha.

See you all soon.

KK Paintball Centre said...

Hi bro, nice video and congrat on your new face on your field.

just few thing, keep the barrel plug/sock on and mask all the time ;)

other, great!!

best regard
KK Paintball Centre
SplatZone Proshop

send my regard to Jolly n Ah Chi!

Anonymous said...

since when WUBAI join ur team? lOl